Experience, Qualifications and Affiliations

Our experience is comprehensive and teamwork with other experts and industry professionals means we can investigate every aspect including:
• Site examination
• Vehicle/equipment inspection
• Research (factual, statistical, methodological)
• Application of physics, not plug and play
We also have significant experience in presenting our findings as an Expert Witness to provide assistance to the High Court, District Court and Coroner’s Hearings.

Collision and Accident Investigation Experience includes the investigation, analysis and reconstruction of crashes involving:
• light passenger vehicles
• heavy vehicles
• motor-sport vehicles
• motorcycles
• pedestrians
• cyclists
• other forms of transport (e.g. hang-gliders).
A number of homicide and attempted murder cases have also been successfully undertaken.

Forensic Engineering Experience includes applied and academic research into transportation and road hazards, machine and engine concepts and alternative engine fuelling.

• scene, vehicle and debris examination
• interpretation and analysis of witness statements
• examination of Police and forensic reports
• background research
• data collection, analysis and interpretation
• statistical analysis
• event reconstruction including computer simulation
• cooperation and consultation with Police, lawyers and other experts
• preparation of professional and comprehensive reports
• presenting the findings in Court

Bachelor of Engineering (Mech) (Hons), Canterbury University 1998
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Canterbury University, 2007

Member of: