Assisting the Legal Profession

Every crash is different. To avoid wrongful accusations and convictions, it is important to engage a forensic engineer to correctly determine which investigation and reconstruction methods are appropriate.

The vast majority of crash investigators are not forensic engineers and often lack a thorough understanding of the underlying physics. This means they use the same techniques to investigate crashes without considering whether their methods are appropriate for the situation.

By choosing to engage an experienced forensic engineer, you can avoid this situation.

In what cases should you engage a forensic engineer?

• When representing a client who has been involved in a motor-vehicle incident.
• When it appears that the Police may have not investigated matters correctly.
• When a motor vehicle or other machine has been used in an allegedly criminal manner.

What are the benefits of retaining a forensic engineer?

• Retaining a forensic engineer as an Expert Witness can significantly reduce the workload and stress pre-trial.
The expert will:
• Participate in pre-trial discussions and meetings with the opposing expert.
• Produce a pre-trial report and brief.
• Identify and procure additional disclosure material.

Less Stress for Your Client

• The forensic engineer will produce a pre-trial report which may give an indication to your client of how to plead.
The identification of mitigating circumstances can often alter charges and/or reduce penalties. In some instances the Prosecution may withdraw or reduce charges based on crash investigation reports.

Why Choose IE Services?

IE Services principal and forensic engineer Dr Tim Stevenson is the only crash investigator in New Zealand with a first class honours degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in the field of accident investigation.

Dr Stevenson also has nine years experience in crash investigation including:
• homicide trials
• vehicle-pedestrian collisions
• single and multiple vehicle incidents
• cyclist crashes
• motorcycle collisions
• heavy vehicle crashes
• accidental death versus suicide

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