Information for the Public

Collision Investigation includes the analysis and reconstruction of transportation-related crashes and accidents. All types of collisions can be investigated including heavy motor vehicles (trucks), passenger cars, motorcycles, pedal cycle and pedestrians.

The investigative process systematically evaluates evidence associated with a collision sequence and applies accepted physical principles to determine how the collision occurred.

In comparison, most other practicing reconstructionists rely heavily on pre-defined, inflexible and generally elementary equations that often fail to adequately analyse a specific event.

Investigative Engineering Services can also provide Forensic Engineering services for the analysis of engine, machine and equipment failures.

For large system failures the Forensic Engineer will solicit, manage and compile the evidence and technical expertise from other experts, including metallurgists, specialist engineers and technicians in order to perform a comprehensive causal analysis.

We recognize the need for full and comprehensive understanding of accidents, crashes, mechanical failures and criminal activities amid differing circumstances and contexts including:

• Litigation (civil and criminal)
• Apportionment of blame
• Closure

Accidents, crashes and failures need to be analysed to prevent re-occurrence.

Our experience is comprehensive and teamwork with other experts and industry professionals means we can investigate every aspect including:

• Site examination
• Vehicle/equipment inspection
• Vehicle black box/crash data retrieval
• Research (factual, statistical, methodological)
• Application of physics, not plug and play equations

We also have significant experience in presenting our findings as an Expert Witness to provide assistance to the High Court, District Court and Coroner’s Hearings.

In all circumstances where criminal charges have been laid IE Services strongly recommends that the services of an experienced legal professional are also sought. Please see Recommended Professionals if you need an experienced lawyer.

Furthermore, IE Services does not provide 'Private Investigation' services as defined by the 'Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010'. If you require 'Private Investigation' services please refer to Recommended Professionals.