Rates and Fees

 IE Services’ standard fees are:

$180 per hour                For all work outside of Court

$90 per hour                  Travelling time

$210 per hour                Court attendance (not giving evidence)

$250 per hour                 When giving evidence in Court

A flat rate equivalent to the Crown Solicitor charge rate applies to work performed for Crown Solicitors.

Administration and overhead costs may be charged in addition to the fees specified above. Large files are preferably received in digital format using either original documents or high resolution (600 dpi) high quality greyscale or colour scans. Large files which are sent in hardcopy format will incur scanning and digital archiving fees. Although copies of files scanned by IE Services can be provided to the client, IE Services is not a scanning service.

Travel completed using IE Services vehicles will also incur a $0.90 per km distance charge. Work requiring significant document production may incur production charges. Other expenses (accommodation, facility hire etc) will be billed at cost.

All rates and charges are GST exclusive. Large contracts may be eligible for discounted rates. Privately funded work for clients with limited income may qualify for a negotiated deferred payment plan. Please enquire.

Payment is due 20th of month following invoice. Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees, interest and collection costs.

A 10% discount applies to all accounts paid by the due date, i.e. the 20th of the month following the month in which the invoice was issued. This discount does not apply to expenses.